Monday, December 22, 2014

A Perfect Day (#ThinkKit Day 20)

#ThinkKit's Day 20 prompt asked us to write about something we're on the fence about, but nothing came to mind. Am I fenceless? I'm sure there's plenty of uncertainty in my life, but since nothing compelling jumped out at me, I'm grabbing another lifeline topic today, an easy one:

What's your perfect day look like? Make it full of fantasy, or just laid-back and ideal. Can you work toward making it your reality? Have you had a day that was almost perfect? 
In this post, anything is possible, so let's go with that. In my perfect day, I visit my friends in India, like I'm hoping to do at some point in the next couple years. I get up with the sun and go running, then set up shop in a picturesque cafe to write for several hours. I meet my friends for lunch and have amazing Indian food. In the afternoon we go shopping in the market and buy beautiful fabrics, go off exploring, then at night we eat more Indian food and go dancing until the wee hours of the morning. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

Maybe I can make it a reality, maybe not. An international plane ticket is no inexpensive thing. But it's a nice dream.

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