Monday, December 22, 2014

I've Got Friends (#ThinkKit Day 22)

#ThinkKit Day 22 says:

Chef's Choice

Today, we're keeping it wide open – we want you to write. Write the thought ringing in your head this morning. Write what you can't forget. Write what you want to remember about _____. Write the everyday and the extraordinary. Let Frank O'Hara be your guide.

I woke up this morning thinking about friendship. I had an awesome weekend spent with friends, and it made realize how truly fortunate I am. The photo above was taken on Sunday by my friend Greg. We met the first year of the roller derby, back when I was playing and he was photographing the bouts. And he's been one of my best buds ever since. Even when we don't see each other for a few months, it's still the same when we hang out. We take photos, goof off, do random things, have fun.

I spent my Friday with my gardening friends having a super fun dance party. It was glorious. We played everything from disco to Beyonce and rocked out. Saturday I had lunch with a newer friend who surprised me by giving me great running shoes. It was wholly surprising and unnecessarily generous, but also amazing. I've been on a pretty strict budget this year and new shoes weren't on the horizon, so the sweet gift really made me smile. Then Saturday night I went to a Christmas party with one of my roller derby teammates from back in the day and sang live band karaoke. I got to pretend to be a rock star for the span of one song, and had a total blast.

I've had several conversations this year about how hard it is to make friends as you get older. And I still believe that's true, but I've been fortunate to make some great new friends this year, and to keep the amazing friends I've met through the years as well. Everyone feels alone sometimes, but next time I feel that way, maybe I'll just read this post and remind myself that I have great people in my life, and they have my back, and we have a blast together.

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