Monday, December 29, 2014

#putyourphonedown (#ThinkKit Day 29)

#ThinkKit Day 29 asks:

Shout At The World

If you could make a # (hashtag) take off...what would it be? What conversation do you want to have with the world? Who are the five people you'd want to hear from first...or last? Is your trending topic personal? Political? Lyrical? Or just random? 

I'm as much at fault as anyone else at pulling out my phone to poke at any time I feel slightly bored. It's very rarely something important, but it's so easy to do. Yet I get incredibly annoyed when I'm sitting across the table staring at someone while they type away with their index finger. It keeps us from being there in the moment with the people we're next to. We're always worried about whoever is not there, about whatever is going on in the world outside our immediate vision.

I want to talk to people, find out what makes them tick, tell stupid stories, anything but be type type typing all the time. So what do you say, next time we're all together, #putyourphonedown, and I'll #putmyphonedown, and we'll be ok, I swear. The rest of the world will wait and we can tweet about it later.

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