Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sugar (#ThinkKit Day 14)

Day 14 Prompt:

Look Outward, Look Inward

By telescope or microscope, or no scope at all – what did you discover? A new aspect of yourself? A favorite artist, musician, or variety of cheese? Did you discover something about a loved one? A familiar or new-to-you place? Be broad, be narrow, or be surprising.

Let's talk sugar here for a minute. That's what I call books or TV shows that are pure enjoyment, little nutrition. We all need some sugar along with our fine literature or Oscar-worthy entertainment.

This year I fell in love with the TV show Nashville. It's a country music soap opera, a description that normally would make me turn the channel immediately. But I'm totally hooked - I burned through the first two seasons earlier this year on Hulu, and now it's the one show I watch every single week. It's worth it for the times that Scarlett and Gunnar sing together, and for everything Juliette Barnes, amazingly played by Hayden Panettiere. I'm a total fangirl over this show.